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Citrix Receiver for iPad makes it easy to take the virtual office on the go. One simple touch gives iPad owners secure access to all of their corporate Windows applications and desktops, making it easy to work from anywhere, while still enjoying the great

iPad is open for business

Applications, desktops and documents from anywhere

With simple, one-tap access, Citrix Receiver lets you easily access any Windows application, virtual desktop or document directly on your iPad over a 3G or Wifi network instantly, turning it into a powerful and portable business tool.

Real-time access to critical business information

Create documents. View business dashboards. Approve expenses. Even host an online meeting. Get real-time access to Windows business applications, virtual desktops and documents whether you're in an airport, at the doctor's office or in a meeting.

Resource intensive and demanding applications

Access not just productivity tools, but also resource and graphic-intensive applications ranging from complex database applications to 3D professional applications and be assured of the same high-speed, visually compelling user experience over any network connection.

One-tap connect to read, create and share documents

Simple, intuitive navigation allows users to interact with Windows applications, virtual desktops and documents using standard gestures to zoom, pan, click, scroll and type with ease and even turn the iPad into a trackpad for fast and familiar screen navigation.

Safe and secure data and communications

Send an e-mail, join a virtual meeting or access documents with confidence that communications are secure and information is not stored on the iPad but kept safe on the corporate network.

Online meetings to go with Citrix GoToMeeting

Never miss an online meeting again! Use your iPad to attend or host online meetings on the go—at a café, in a hotel or on the road, wherever you happen to be.



Citrix Receiver for iPad from Chris Fleck on Vimeo.



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