Article submitted by: Administrator | Publish date: 21. December, 2011
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Citrix invited all Citrix Ready storage partners to demonstrate what makes their storage solutions ideal for Citrix XenDesktop environments.

Citrix Ready Storage Challenge 2011

Through this challenge we want to make it easy for our customers to pick the best storage solutions for their use with Citrix XenDesktop. This contest enabled our storage partners to demonstrate how their storage solutions addresses specific needs including performance, manageability, cost, ease of use, lowered power consumption and other relevant issues concerning our customers when taking decision regarding storage in XenDesktop environments. 

Participants in the Citrix Ready Storage Challenge, with videos featured below are Atlantis Computing, Dell, EMC, HP, Nexenta, Sanbolic and Virsto.

One of the most important category is “Most Innovative Video”. The winner of this category is chosen by you the community!

Here are the videos so you can see for yourself the creative ways our partners found to promote their products.Please vote for your favorite video. You can decide which partner video wins your vote, the partner video with the maximum votes will win the ‘most innovative video’ award to be announced in November 2011.





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