Article submitted by: Administrator | Publish date: 21. February, 2011
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The Trade-up to XenDesktop Program is a terrific opportunity for any customer with active or expired Subscription Advantage to save more than 70% on XenDesktop.

Get on Board with the Trade-up to XenDesktop Program

The program includes three permanent Trade-up options, as well as a limited time promotion for customers with expired SA - so no customers are left behind. Customers can continue to trade-up their XenApp CCU licenses for XenDesktop Enterprise of Platinum User/Device licenses (2-for-1 or 1-for-1), or elect to trade-up to XenDesktop Enterprise or Platinum CCU (1-for-1). Plus, the new Trade-up program now offers customers additional discounts on the purchase of more XenDesktop licenses at the time of trade-up.

If you haven't taken advantage of the Trade-up to XenDesktop Program yet here is a where you can find out more: Citrix Trade-up!



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