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10 Reasons to Select A10

10 Reasons to Select A10 Thunder Series Unified Application Service Gateways and A10 Application Delivery Controllers over the competition

The Right Choice

The top 10 reasons revolve around advanced features and the highest scalability coupled with the freedom of deployment choices, the ability to reduce costs as well as the operational simplicity and predictability of A10’s signature no licensing model, unheard of within the industry until A10 introduced it to the market. A10 empowers IT professionals with the right solutions to concentrate on key business goals instead of complex vendor restrictions and platform deficits. 

• Beyond ADCs: UASG Functionality

• ACOS Scalability

• Flexible Scripting

• All-inclusive Licensing

• Highest Performance SSL Processing

• Security and DDoS Protection

• Next Generation Networking

• Hardware Design Advantage

• Virtualization and Form Factor Choice

• High-touch Support

You can read more about A10 on this link.

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