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Palo Alto Networks - solution for mobile devices

To date, the application of existing technologies and traditional approaches to security has not met the specific needs for mobile devices. Attempts to block mobile devices prevents the organization from realizing the full benefits of mobile computing, while also opening the door to competition who are using mobile devices for competitive advantage. The organization must find ways to make mobility safe for business, while still satisfying end user requirements for ease of use and accommodating BYOD scenarios. This requires rethinking about what organizations should expect from a mobile security solution.

GlobalProtect: Safely Enabling Mobile Devices

GlobalProtect from Palo Alto Networks provides a comprehensive security solution for mobile devices built upon the technologies of the next-generation network security platform and tailored to address mobile requirements. It delivers unprecedented levels of integration to deliver a unique solution that combines technology, global intelligence and policy enforcement over mobile apps and threats. These principles allow businesses to provide a safe environment for applications and data while still permitting users to enjoy the native user experience of their preferred device.

Build your mobile initiatives upon a strong foundation for security. Use GlobalProtect to ensure that the proper security is in place to protect and manage mobile devices and to keep data safe.

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