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Identify and block unknown threats

Another research made by ESET, from 2011 to 2012, Android malware grew by a factor of 17. According to a report from Trend Micro released in beggining of August, the number of malicious and high-risk Android apps jumped by more than 40 percent during the past few months. The number of risky apps hit 718,000 at the end of the second quarter compared to 509,000 in the first quarter, Trend Micro said.

Palo Alto Networks said that it currently has coverage for more than 300,000 pieces of Android malware. Unlike most security solutions that focus on the endpoint, Palo Alto Networks WildFire captures malware in the network and in the wild, and actively analyzes it in a virtualized Android environment to proactively protect networks against new APK-based malware, the company explained. In 'sandbox,' we directly observe the behavior of malicious malware, then through WildFire we automatically generate and distribute protections globally for the newly discovered malware. A subscription to WildFire allows you to better protect your network.

WildFire provides you with a wealth of analysis and forensics on all malicious files seen on your network. The WildFire portal is available to all WildFire users. The information gives you a window into malware behavior including:

  • Malicious actions
  • Domains the sample visited
  • Files that were created
  • Affected registry entries

Customers with a WildFire subscription also get access to fully integrated WildFire logs and reports via the standard Palo Alto Networks user interface or through Panorama. This log integration makes it really easy to quickly tie malware to users, applications, URLs, files or other threats for fast incident response, and for modifying your policies to reduce future attack vectors.

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