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NComputing N series - Thin Clients for Citrix HDX

N400: The N-series entry-level device, the N400, is the thin client of choice for task workers and those workers with light multimedia needs. The N400 combines the proven horsepower of the 3rdgeneration Numo™ 3 SoC with the deep understanding of desktop virtualization to support full HDX sessions up to HD780p and uses server-side rendering for video and flash video playback.

The N500 incorporates full clientside rendering for efficient playback of video content, and uses server-side rendering for flash video playback. It displays content up to full HD at 1080p. The N500 also provides

options for dual display and wireless connectivity (not available with the N400). The N500, provides the full multimedia capabilities demanded by knowledge workers and in other demanding environments.

Citrix administrators are used to centralize management of their users and applications. The new vSpace Management Center includes complete device management capabilities to inventory, configure, update, reset and organize your N-series devices. NComputing Premium Support provides additional resources designed to maximize the return on your technology investment and ensure uptime and end user satisfaction.



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