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The New Breakthrough Solution for Flexible Cloud Backup and Recovery PHD Virtual

The New Breakthrough Solution for Flexible Cloud Backup and Recovery

Unparalleled Ease of Use

PHD Virtual CloudHook eliminates the complexity associated with using a gateway appliance to reach the cloud, and helps you avoid the headache of managing your own offsite facilities. Simply choose the cloud storage provider that works best for you, and start backing up to the cloud in minutes.

Unmatched Affordability

With PHD Virtual CloudHook all you need is the cost effective PHD Virtual Backup Appliance and a cloud storage account. There’s no need to pay for to pay for offsite storage, maintenance, facilities or cloud gateway appliances. And, with most cloud storage starting at 10 cents per GB per month, PHD Virtual CloudHook is your best value for affordable cloud backup and recovery.

Ultimate Flexibility

PHD Virtual CloudHook lets you choose the cloud backup option that’s best for you. Select from popular public cloud storage options like Google, Amazon, Rackspace or any OpenStack/Swift enabled provider. And coming later this year, you’ll be able to choose PHD Virtual cloud archiving and disaster recovery services.

CloudHook is the first virtual data protection solution to offer a seamless and painless link to cloud storage for backup, archiving and disaster recovery (DR).

  • Provides an easy to use, scalable, low-cost offsite storage option
  • Flexibility to choose from several different popular cloud platforms
  • Decreases risk of losing data in an outage
  • No more running out of space, no more hardware and firmware upgrades, no more sporadic outages due to hardware failures
  • Frees up your time to focus on higher priority projects
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