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Arista 7500E Delivers Unprecedented Performance and Programmability

Arista Introduces The Industry's Fastest Data Centre Switch

Industry's Highest 10/40/100GbE Port Density

The Arista 7500E offers 1,152 10GbE, 288 40GbE, or 96 100GbE wire-speed ports, making Arista 7500E the
fastest and most scalable data centre Ethernet switch in the industry.  The key improvements of the Arista 
7500E compared to the first generation Arista 7500 are as follows:

  • Three times the fabric bandwidth at 30 Terabits per second
  • Three times the packet buffer at 144 Gigabyte per switch
  • Three times the control plane performance
  • Triple the power efficiency at less than 4 watts per 10GbE port
  • The industry's first triple-speed 10/40/100GbE line card
  • Much larger L2 and L3 Table sizes
  • Wirespeed VXLAN capability on every port

"The 7500E Series is a major engineering achievement, offering the industry's highest throughput and three
times the capability of the original Arista 7500 in every dimension - performance, density and power without
a chassis upgrade," said Andreas Bechtolsheim, Arista's Chairman and Chief Development Officer.  "It 
enables customers to build the world's largest switching infrastructures that handle the most demanding
workloads with ease."

Triple-Speed Line Cards

The Arista 7500E includes four new line cards for 10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet switching, including an industry-
first triple-speed 10/40/100G line card with integrated MXP (multi-speed-port) optics that can be software
configured on a per port basis delivering constant price-per-bandwidth at every port speed.  In 100GbE mode
the triple-speed line card offers an order-of-magnitude cost reduction over competing 100Gb Ethernet switch
in the market.

"The high density 40GbE and 100GbE interfaces, deep packet buffers, SDN features and the robustness of 
EOS makes the Arista 7500 an ideal spine platform for our network," said Benjamin Nathan, Director,
IT Operations and Infrastructure at Weill Medical College of Cornell University.  "Arista continues to innovate
on programmability with it's Linux based EOS and was a key factor in deciding on the 7500E for our Big Data

EOS with SDN Innovations Outpace the Industry:

The Arista 7500E together with Arista EOS, delivers a set of advanced Software Defined Networking capabilities
that support programmatic control, enhanced monitoring, and self-healing resilience to every aspect of the
switch, including the following:

  • Wirespeed VXLAN gateways that enable multi-tenant network virtualisation
  • Precise advanced traffic monitoring with Arista LANZ, DANZ and TAP Aggregation
  • Rapid Automated Indication of Link-Loss (RAIL) for accelerated convergence in Big Data analytics
    and Hadoop applications
  • VM Tracer for network wide workload mobility and virtualisation in VMware and OpenStack clouds
  • Distributed system health monitoring with real-time Health Tracer

A Universal Cloud Network Architecture

Cloud networks have universally adopted a leaf-spine architecture, using Layer-3 load-balancing to provide
scalable performance.  With the Arista 7500E as the spine and Arista 7150/7050 as the leaf, these network
topologies can support cloud data centres with more than 100,000 servers that deliver consistent performance
for dynamically scaling workloads in public or private clouds, including Hadoop, Big Data, Storage, Web 2.0,
VM farms, and network virtualisation.

Pricing and Availability

The 7500E series switches and line-card modules are generally available now.  Entry level Euro list prices start
at €83,329 for the switch and €8,400 per 100GbE port, €1,850 per 40GbE port and under €500 per 10GbE


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