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For a limited time, IronKey D80 and H80 are more affordable than ever!

And we’re celebrating through to June 30 with an introductory discount on D80 and H80 devices:

10% off every D80! - minimum order 100 devices

  5% off every H80! - minimum order 50 devices


And getting your discount is easy – these are handled as a simple pre-approved deal desk offer.

The D80 encrypted flash drive features 256-bit AES hardware encryption with keys stored in flash – far superior to the software encryption featured in many lower-end encrypted flash drives, but not to the same level as traditional IronKey drives and lacking their manageability.  


Part No.




IronKey D80 Flash Drive 4GB            



IronKey D80 Flash Drive 8GB



IronKey D80 Flash Drive 16GB



IronKey D80 Flash Drive 32GB



The H80 encrypted hard drive features 256-bit AES hardware encryption with keys stored in a smart chip – far superior to software-encrypted drives and actually comparable to high-end IronKey encrypted hard drives, but lacking their FIPS certification or manageability.


Part No.




IronKey H80 Hard Drive 500GB



IronKey H80 Hard Drive 1TB



Everything customers need: Hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption means your customers can affordably comply with a wide range of data security mandates that don’t require FIPS Certification – that means they only pay for the encryption level they need.  IronKey D80 and H80 drives are an ideal,cost-effective complement to the many FIPS Certified members of the IronKey family of encrypted USB devices.  

And for a limited time even more affordable! Don’t wait, get your introductory discount today! IronKey now offers the tallest and broadest array of mobile security products. The IronKey family includes secure hard drives, secure flash drives and secure mobile workspaces, in every security class, making you the single provider of superior technology and superior selection.

Sales tools available now! An array of sales tools is available now including Sales Launch doc, datasheets and battlecards. Please log on to the  Imation Mobile Security Professsional Partner Portal for more details. Need an account? Sign-up here using registration code BFXHDSGN.

As always, we are dedicated to helping you and your customers provide the best products and service in the security industry.  For additional information about this notice or IronKey products, please contact your Imation Mobile Security sales representative.



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