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PHD Virtual Announces The Acquisition Of VirtualSharp

Let me tell you a little about VirtualSharp and why this makes so much sense for us. In today’s compliance focused world, many organizations are demanding more frequent verification that their disaster recovery processes actually work as expected. VirtualSharp Software, an Elite-level VMware Technology Alliance Partner, has pioneered the concept of Disaster Recovery Assurance in order to address this complex problem specifically. Disaster Recovery Assurance leverages the synergies between the virtualization and storage layers, which allow DR to be orchestrated and fully automated. Recovery tests can be executed without any human intervention and without impacting production systems. Essentially, DR Assurance enables the automated enforcement of RPOs (maximum data loss) and the continuous measurement and compliance of RTOs (maximum outage time).

PHD Virtual is already a market leader in the data protection market thanks in large part to partners like you. With the acquisition of VirtualSharp, we are delivering transformational technology to provide the industry's most scalable, cost-effective and easy to use solutions for automating virtual backup, and continuous certification to assure that the disaster recovery plans meet RTOs, RPOs, and compliance requirements. Our solutions deliver a compelling alternative to inflexible, expensive and hard to use traditional backup and disaster recovery products and services.

Together, PHD Virtual and VirtualSharp will be able to expand even more aggressively – along with our partners – into the $4.6B backup, replication and disaster recovery markets, which according to Gartner; will continue to grow rapidly over the next few years.

I wanted to personally ensure that you received an email to reassure you that you are important in our go-forward plans. I’ll be contacting you over the next few days to talk you through the distribution layout in your region and what we hope to do with you with regard to the expanded PHD Virtual portfolio. We haven’t made any final decisions on our distributor portfolio, and will be happy to engage in that conversation with you.

Our Resellers will be receiving an email communication this morning, informing them and inviting them to a web cast to learn more. I hope I can count on you to promote this opportunity to your key resellers, so they can learn more about the expanded potential!



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