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Helping Your Customers Control Their Network

Announcing Infoblox DNS Firewall, Infoblox Security Device Controller and Infoblox Trinzic 100 Network Edge Services Appliance

Dear Infoblox Partner,

The Infoblox team is very pleased to announce the availability of three all-new products which address key network security and availability challenges that your customers face every day!

  1. NEW! Infoblox DNS Firewall. This product provides proactive protection against Advanced Persistent Threat / botnet Malware that exploits DNS for communications and data transfer. The Infoblox DNS Firewall is unique in that it proactively PREVENTS enterprise end users from getting infected with malware, it DISRUPTS malware communications and connection requests, and it PINPOINTS infected clients.
  2. NEW! Infoblox Security Device Controller. This product simplifies security device access policy management and automates provisioning rules for multi-vendor firewall environment. Automating this function saves significant time and enables fast, consistent deployment, improving your response time and overall security.
  3. NEW! Infoblox Trinzic 100 Network Edge Services Appliance. This product improves availability and serviceability at the network edge, providing highly reliable DNS, DHCP and IPAM in a low cost, deploy anywhere appliance. Ideal for retail, education, hospitality and healthcare, or any organization with distributed remote locations – the Trinzic 100 integrates seamlessly with the Infoblox Grid™ technology – delivering central management and enhanced local survivability.
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