Article submitted by: Neda Rosič | Publish date: 13. June, 2012

Imation announced availability of Imation ACCESS 4.1, software that manages Imation’s secure USB drive offerings. Imation ACCESS 4.1 adds tools administrators need to better protect digital data on the move with secure USB Drives.

Imation Access Software Adds Location-based Security Policy Management for USB devices

Bracknell, UK – 30 May, 2012 – Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), a global scalable storage and data security company,  announced availability of Imation ACCESS 4.1, software that manages Imation’s secure  USB drive offerings. Key new features include location-based security management, enabling administrators to manage and control USB use inside and outside of the network. Administrators can allow  the device to unlock at IP addresses determined to be safe , or destroy its contents remotely, if data is  deemed to be at risk. Imation’s ACCESS 4.1 is a key component to Imation’s data security solution for  secure mobile data, secure mobile identity and secure mobile workspaces.


“As enterprise organisations embrace the mobile workforce, IT departments are confronting a new set of hazards to the security of sensitive data,” said Lawrence Reusing, Imation’s general manager for Mobile  Security. “Our latest ACCESS software adds tools administrators need to decide exactly where secure USB  devices can be unlocked, helping better protect digital data on the move.”

ACCESS 4.1 supports management and usage of Imation branded USB flash and external hard disk drive  devices. The newest enhancements and benefits include a wide range of important management features for secure device control, device recovery and policy enforcement, all while reducing deployment and  ownership costs.

Location-Based Security Policies: Chief among the enhancements; the addition of location-based
security policies that help protect against data leakage and theft. With ACCESS 4.1 software, IT
administrators can prevent all USB device use outside of an organisation’s network, or restrict usage to specific computers and locations. New capabilities include:

  • Trusted IPs Only: Devices can be set so that they can only be unlocked at IP addresses that have been evaluated as trusted and are specified on the IP whitelist to prevent address spoofing.
  • Device Must “Call Home”: Administrators can mandate that devices contact an ACCESS Enterprise Server (the managed version of ACCESS) before allowing the device to unlock. Requiring that devices are unusable unless they can “call home” diminishes the risk of data  leakage or theft.
  • New Access Revocation Features: Administrators now have an extensive range of revocation options. Administrators can remotely disable devices by soft-blocking, remote killing or remotely  “bricking” (physically destroying the drive’s contents) devices if necessary.

Imation ACCESS 4.1 is now available for new and existing administrators managing Imation Defender, MXI
Security and McAfee Encrypted USB brand secure USB devices. For more information please visit Imation.





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