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Citrix announced XenClient 2.1 at Citrix Synergy Barcelona on Oct. 27th, 2011 and made it available for download today! You can read all about today’s announcement in Peter Blum’s blog or you can cut to the chase and download it now.

XenClient 2.1 is available today! Read what our partners have to say!

XenClient’s creation, growth and strong market momentum would not be possible without the support of our partners. The XenClient eco-system continues to grow daily and we are thrilled with the traction we are seeing in the market thanks to the support of our partners.

One of our most strategic partners is Intel. Here is what Dan Russell, Director of Business Client Solutions Marketing at Intel ,had to say about XenClient 2.1 in his recent blog.

“We at Intel are very excited about the recent release of Citrix XenClient 2.1…XenClient 2.1 XT is an excellent example of a solution that capitalizes on Intel’s Intelligent Desktop Virtualization vision.  These innovations enable Intelligent Desktop Virtualization solutions that deliver a great user experience and the ability to optimize IT infrastructures for lower cost and
higher scale.”

Intel just published a Solution Blueprint based on Citrix XenClient and Intel® Core® vPro™ processors for Desktop Management Streaming to a Type 1 Hypervisor. Citrix and Intel continue to grow their partnership in the fast growing local virtual desktop market.

In addition to Intel, XenClient is now featured on the webpages of several PC OEMs such as Dell. Did you know that your company can order a Dell laptop that is pre-installed with XenClient? Stay tuned for an upcoming blog that will describe how this works.

Along with Dell and Intel, we’ve had several recent announcements with partners such as Login Consultants and RES Software. Login Consultants created a XenClient and Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Integration Toolkit. RES Software created a new demo of Citrix XenClient and RES Workspace Manager that shows you how you can integrate XenClient with XenDesktop today. Watch it here. These types of announcements show the growth and momentum of the XenClient eco-system in the local virtual desktop market.

Stay tuned for more announcements with our eco-system partners over the coming weeks and months. Local virtual desktop technology is HOT and XenClient is at the center of this emerging market. According to Infoworld, client side hypervisors are among the top 10 emerging business technologies in 2011. Read the article here and connect with us online to keep up on all of the latest XenClient news.

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