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Market Demand Drives Customers, Partners, and Developers to Build and Enhance Their Service Offerings with Integration Capabilities for GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining.

Citrix Unveils New Developer Center for “GoTo” Cloud Services

Citrix announced today that its customers, partners and developers will now be able to integrate their services and applications seamlessly with its Citrix GoTo collaboration cloud solutions. The new Citrix GoTo Developer Center is a free resource that enables the Citrix GoTo community to access valuable APIs, developer resources and best practice tips so they can build strategic integrations and dynamic mash-ups with the scheduling, registration, management and reporting functions of award-winning Citrix collaboration services like: GoToMeeting®, GoToWebinar® and GoToTraining®.

Making it easy for third-parties to easily build compelling cloud services ensures best-of breed solutions and processes will work in concert with the Citrix GoTo collaboration services. This reduces complexity and duplicate work, streamlines workflows, saves time and money, and enables maximum results for meeting, webinar and training goals. For example, marketers hosting a GoToWebinar session can now instantly sync their registration and attendee data with their marketing automation and CRM systems to increase efficiency and accuracy. And trainers can tie GoToTraining functionality directly into their existing learning management systems, enabling access from one system for all their training administration and management. The new capabilities also enable better ways of working, improving workflow processes and actually changing the way work gets done.

As part of today’s news, Citrix is also pleased to announce integrations with a number of industry-leading application and business service providers including Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo, TactusMD and Vitalect.

“The launch of the Citrix GoTo Developer Center marks an important new chapter for our business and that of hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide who rely on our collaboration tools every day to get business done,” said Bernardo de Albergaria, VP and GM, Collaboration, Citrix Systems. “By creating a broad partner community, we can achieve a multitude of benefits for our customers, including reducing complexity, eliminating data duplication, simplifying workflows and, most important, optimizing the personal interactions that are key to their organizations’ success.”

What Is New


For today’s sales and marketing organizations, GoToWebinar is the leading solution for easy, do-it-yourself, cost-effective webinars for up to 1,000 attendees. Since it was released in 2006, GoToWebinar has been one of the fastest growing SaaS products in the market, and has rapidly become an integral part of the marketing automation mix for companies of all sizes.

Enabling GoToWebinar to seamlessly integrate with other marketing automation solutions will allow joint customers to:

  • Leverage information from webinars faster by instantly syncing attendee registration in-session and importing information quickly and easily into additional business systems.
  • Save time and increase efficiency by eliminating manual data entry and administrative tasks between the webinar and the customer database.
  • Increase data accuracy by automating promotional and CRM activities.

The new open interfaces will allow partners to integrate session data from GoToWebinar events with existing business systems, such as:

  • E-mail marketing systems
  • Registration forms
  • Marketing automation software systems
  • CRM databases and solutions


The award-winning GoToTraining stands above competitive solutions for its effective, intuitive virtual learning experience. Using GoToTraining, organizers can develop and deliver learning experiences and outcomes that provide maximum value to their business while saving time, effort and money. Enabling integration with other learning solution providers will allow joint customers to:

  • Streamline learning administration by eliminating redundant processes and reducing data entry errors
  • Expand revenue and market opportunities by creating, marketing and reselling value-added solutions that benefit customers

The new open interfaces will allow partners to develop APIs that provide existing learning infrastructure, learning portals, web sites and learning management systems access to GoToTraining’s scheduling, registration, management and reporting functions.


Using the new developer resources, partners and customers will be able to access administrator/reporting and organizer APIs that integrate meeting management, scheduling and historical data into existing infrastructure and third-party systems. For example, the new open interfaces will allow partners to integrate meeting information with corporate web sites.

Vertical Integrations to Create and Innovate Better Ways of Working

In addition to improving general business applications such as marketing automation and training, Citrix sees great potential for GoTo product integration across a wide range of vertical use cases, including healthcare, education and human resources. For example, TactusMD, a Marietta, Georgia provider of electronic health record software, TactusMD™ EHR, that serves primarily pediatric practices, is building an integration with GoToMeeting to bring real-time telemedicine to rural areas of its physician network.

This combined platform will allow seamless access to electronic health record information, in conjunction with high-definition video of the patient and transmission of other critical data, providing the consulting specialist with the necessary information to make timely and accurate diagnoses, and in some cases, the ability to make critical decisions that deliver urgent, life-saving care.

What Analysts, Customers Have to Say:

According to Forrester Research, the key for broader collaboration technology adoption in the workforce is seamless integration into business processes. This can mean adding collaboration technologies to the product life-cycle management software to allow product managers to track events and facilitate interactions. Linking these tools will help improve metrics such as time-to-market because workers will be able to find people and information in the context of their workflows.

“The opportunity has emerged to take the marriage of web conferencing with sales and marketing to the next level. Broad adoption of SaaS-based CRM solutions and the complementary emergence of marketing automation systems have created the perfect opportunity for Citrix customers to embed the GoTo collaborative services into sales and marketing automation, which can be indispensible in terms of convenience delivered, time saved, accuracy gained and metrics captured.” Andy Nilssen, Senior Analyst and Partner, Wainhouse Research.

“Integrating our electronic health record software with an application such as GoToMeeting with HDFaces will give physicians the capability to meet instantly regardless of location and provide real-time consultations for patients with specialists. This cost-effective combination will support patients in rural locales, dramatically reducing travel or delay time without compromising quality of care. Combining GoToMeeting with HDFaces with our health information exchange (HIE) will provide our doctors one-click access to patient data, e-prescribing, lab test ordering and billing/coding through our unique workflow-based software, as well as access to the rich web, audio and video capabilities of GoToMeeting. This is a very compelling combined platform for real-time telemedicine collaboration.” Dr. Anthony J. Mari, Founder and CEO, TactusMD Inc.

Pricing and Availability

Access to GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining developer resources are available at no additional cost through the Citrix GoTo Developer Center at For Citrix GoTo partnership inquiries, email your specific request to



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