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Citrix joined Google on stage at its live Google Chrome event in San Francisco to preview the new Citrix Receiver for Chrome Notebooks.

New Citrix Receiver Lets Chrome Notebook Users Run Windows Business Apps

Today, Citrix Systems joined Google on stage at its live Google Chrome event in San Francisco to preview the new Citrix Receiver™ for Chrome Notebooks (see today’s related announcement blog). Available soon as a free app on the Google Chrome Web Store, Citrix Receiver will allow Google customers to run their existing Windows business applications directly on the new web-based Chrome notebooks with a native user experience, fast performance, and full enterprise security. As a result, Google customers will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a fast, lightweight, web-based notebook computer for personal use, and still have easy, secure access to their Windows-based work applications, desktops and data at any time (see visuals).

Citrix Receiver also represents a win for corporate IT departments, allowing them to deliver existing enterprise applications and desktops as a secure, on-demand service to Chrome notebook users with no new support requirements – and no compromise in security or user experience. Because Citrix Receiver supports all popular security standards, corporate data is safe at all times. End users also enjoy a rich, high-definition experience for all apps and desktops, thanks to the built-in Citrix HDX™ technology.

Citrix Receiver is a key part of the Citrix end-to-end virtual computing strategy, designed to simplify computing for IT, and give end users more choice and flexibility in how and where they work. It is available today for a wide variety of end user devices, including PCs, Macs, laptops, thin clients, tablets and smartphones.

Pricing and Availability

Citrix Receiver for Chrome Notebooks is scheduled to be available as a free app from the Google Chrome Web Store in the first half of 2011. Citrix Receiver works by connecting to the Citrix XenDesktop® or Citrix XenApp™ servers already running in the datacenters of most corporate customers. Every day, XenDesktop and XenApp deliver virtual desktops and applications to 100 million corporate employees at more than 230,000 enterprises worldwide, including 99 percent of the Fortune 500.

Sundar Pichai, Vice President of Product Management for Google
“The web has become an incredibly powerful platform for innovation, allowing users to do much more online than ever before. We’re happy to work with Citrix to give Chrome notebook business users a way to enjoy all the benefits of the web, while still having the flexibility to access important business applications in their work environments.”

Gordon Payne, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Citrix
“The new Chrome notebook breaks new ground in simplifying end user computing devices. Citrix is pleased to be working with Google on this exciting new technology and promise it holds for our joint customers.  Together, we can ensure that these new devices are enterprise-ready, allowing our customers to securely run their existing corporate applications on their Chrome notebooks. Extending Citrix Receiver support for Chrome notebooks will provide virtual computing solutions that simplify computing for IT, and enable productive, virtual workstyles for users.”



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