Article submitted by: Nenad Mijatović | Publish date: 29. November, 2014

Barracuda Offers Integrated Security with Consolidated Network and Content Security Solution

Barracuda Security Suite provides powerful, integrated security protection across three commonly deployed threat vectors – email, web browsing, and network perimeters – offering a simple initial step in realizing Total Threat Protection.


Barracuda Security Suite allows customers to buy an integrated security solution, offering predictable performance and advanced security functionality via individual virtual instances of the award-winning Barracuda Firewall, Barracuda Web Filter and Barracuda Spam Firewall on a single appliance.


Barracuda Security Suite is designed for midsized organizations looking for next-generation security functionality in a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use platform. For more information, visit


“While many organizations today have existing firewalls, web filters, and email security solutions, they often lack ‘best-of-breed’ functionality and are forced to manage interfaces across different vendors,” said Stephen Pao, GM Security, Barracuda. “With the Barracuda Security Suite, we aim to provide consolidated protection and to help organizations get started down the path of Total Threat Protection.”


Barracuda Security Suite is designed for businesses considering the replacement of their Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems, which often suffer performance degradation when all features are running simultaneously. The Barracuda Security Suite is optimized to run on a purpose-built network virtualization hypervisor. Each of the virtual instances can operate at near-wire speeds to appliance components and feature resource partitioning to help ensure performance isolation and speed.


Barracuda Firewall: Incorporates next-generation firewall capabilities – based on application visibility and user-identity awareness. Key features also include coordinated WAN optimization, centralized management and reporting.

Barracuda Web Filter: Enables connected businesses to benefit from new technologies and online tools to improve productivity, wasted bandwidth, and data loss. Highly granular visibility allows administrators to create effective content and access policies.

Barracuda Spam Firewall: Provides comprehensive email security that includes spam and virus blocking, data protection, DoS prevention, email continuity, encryption, and policy management.


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