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Palo Alto Networks Again Revolutionizes Enterprise Security

Palo Alto Networks Again Revolutionizes Enterprise Security

Palo Alto Networks®, the leader in enterprise security, today announced the availability of Traps, a revolutionary and unique Advanced Endpoint Protection offering designed to prevent sophisticated cyber attacks on endpoints, sparing IT security teams from cumbersome remediation, patching, and often futile recovery scrambles.

Since the acquisition of Cyvera and the technology behind Traps, Palo Alto Networks has expanded global support and services operations to meet enterprise customer needs, and completed several key enhancements, including:
•Integration with Palo Alto Networks WildFire – Traps blocks malware by leveraging the full knowledge of Palo Alto Networks Threat Intelligence Cloud;
•Added exploitation and malware prevention modules – extends Traps support to include the latest attack techniques; and
•Enhanced forensics – provides a rich set of reporting for better visibility and understanding of attacks that were prevented.

Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection, offered as a subscription service, is available now from authorized Palo Alto Networks channel partners.  The offering is inclusive of all functionality including exploit prevention, malware prevention through WildFire integration, forensics, and premium support.

To learn more about Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection from Palo Alto Networks, visit:
•The Traps microsite:





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