Article submitted by: Administrator | Publish date: 6. February, 2012
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Watch this FS-ISAC and IronKey webinar to learn how institutions are analyzing risk, deciding where to strengthen security, and how to integrate for more effective risk reduction.

Webinar: Defining a Next Generation Multi-Layer Fraud Prevention Strategy for Online Banking

Emboldened by their success, fraudsters continue to amp their account takeover campaigns. The latest SpyEye and ZeuS crimeware attacks circumvent behavioral analytics and more than 70% go undetected by anti-virus. Stopping fraudsters and achieving FFIEC compliance demands multiple layers of security that are tightly coordinated — from the customer's computer through to analytics.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How an institution should strengthen security controls to reduce risk.
  • Which approaches deliver the fastest returns.
  • Where you should start with your FFIEC program.
  • How your financial institution can keep up with criminals.

Watch the webinar now!



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