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Hacking IPv6 Networks (version 3.0)

IPv6 Networks Security&Hacking - the course for network professionals on 9-11th June – Ljubljana

The »IPv6 Networks Security&Hacking«  course is based on recent developments in the area of IPv6 security. It will provide the attendee with an in-depth training on IPv6 security, so the attendee will be able to evaluate and mitigate the security implications of IPv6 in production environments.

You can find the training details here.

The course is delivered by Fernando Gont, the renowned IPv6 security researcher - and organised together with Go6 Institute

Take this unique opportunity to participate in the only »IPv6 Networks Security&Hacking« course by Fernando Gont  in South-Eastern Europe this year!

Then, stay one more day in Ljubljana an attend free of charge the leading IPv6 Summit – »« with renowned speakers Eric Vyncke and Mark Townsley of Cisco,  Suresh Krishnan of Ericsson and Ivan Pepelnjak of NIL.

Yours qSTC team! 



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