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23.06.2011, 07:52
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World IPv6 Day recap

June 8 marked World IPv6 Day, the day where companies like Akamai, Facebook and Google simultaneously turned on IPv6 to see how it worked, where users were coming from and what connectivity broke down.

05.06.2014, 03:07
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IPv6 Networks Security&Hacking - the course for network professionals on 9-11th June – Ljubljana

Dear networking professional!

While IPv6 is not a new topic anymore – it has many sides, which are not yet mastered in all networks  - and not known by all network professionals. One of such areas is of course security – and IPv6 brings along new security challenges!


02.12.2010, 08:30
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Implementing IPv6

In this course, you will learn how to obtain and implement IPv6 protocols within your organisation on Unix, Linux, Windows, routers and other networked devices. This course provides extensive hands-on sessions and in-depth technical analysis.

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