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Many factors affect trust, effectiveness and efficiency of the datacenter. Datacenters develop together with trends in the IT industry, which also must be considered when planing.

Datacenter Design and Operations Overview for Executives

1. How  did  datacenters  develop

  • Location of  datacenters
  • Physical  layout  of  the data rooms,
  • Electrical  infrastructure,
  • Cooling  Infrastructure,
  • Connectivity ,
  • Datacenter  management

2.    How  did  the  requirements  develop

  • Security,
  • Availability,
  • Continuity,
  • Adaptability

3.    How to  setup  and  handle  maintenance of  the technical infrastructure of the  “datacenter”

4.    Why is  energy consumption an  hot issue and  why  was  it  not  so important  before ?

5.    What  are  the  current  standards for  datacenters:

  • “Uptime  Institute”* Tier  levels
  • “Uptime  Institute” Operational Sustainability
  • “ASHRAE”**  Thermal  Guidelines for  Data Processing Environments

6. How  should  a  datacenter  be  designed  to  be  ready  for  the  future ,  energy efficient and highly  available

7. Cooperation between  IT  , Facilities  and  Business.

8. What  is  the  role  and  importance  of  the  Data Center  employees   and  how  do  you  keep  them on  a  high  quality  level.

To  demonstrate  the effects  of  the  different  ways  of  the “TileFlow” ,  which  is  a Computational Fluid  Distribution  application, will be used.
With  this  application  airflow  and   temperature  distribution in  the  datacenter can  be  made  visible .

Guest speaker:  Mr.Hans Schreuders has many years of experience in IT (1962) field among which he was working for 20 years as Head of designing and constructing as well as a Director of  “datacenter”. In year 1998 he build his first big datacenter (1000m2) in Netherlands for Telecom company. Later he managed construction and operation of numerous other centers with total area of 30.000m2. The biggest one has 8.000m2 and the most powerful datacenter has 4.000kW/m2. Later he was active in developing solutions of cooling systems.

Given that the area of work and years of experience of Mr. Schreuders, ranging from design, construction and management operation of datacenters, attendance will be more than welcome for those who have server room and want to get better efficiency, lower their costs and plan to expand their existing datacenter/server room or construct a new one.

Extensive Q&A

* - provides education, publications, consulting, certifications, conferences and seminars, independent research, and thought leadership for the enterprise data center industry and for data center professionals.

** ASHRAE, founded in 1894, is a building technology society with more than 50,000 members worldwide. The Society and its members focus on building systems, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and sustainability within the industry. Through research, standards writing, publishing and continuing education, ASHRAE shapes tomorrow’s built environment today.


Event start date: 20. June, 2012
Event end date: 20. June, 2012
Place: qSTC Ljubljana
Price: 180,00 €*; Early Bird; 160,00 €*
Course Code: DataCenter
Trainer: Hans Schreuders
Early Bird Registration: 8. June, 2012
Registration deadline: 15. June, 2012
* VAT is not included.

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