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We are all facing fraud and Corruption every day. Here is your chance to learn about it.

The executive’s survival guide to fraud and corruption

Who is this course for?


This program is for Directors and Managers who wish to gain an understanding of what fraud and corruption is, how it affects them and how they can help protect value through a holistic approach to these difficult risks.

Why you should attend?


Effective management of fraud and corruption remains an elusive goal. Time and again we see apparently well-managed organizations subjected to major embarrassment, financial penalties or even bankruptcy as the result of inappropriate or unethical acts and failings by management and trusted employees.

Effective management of the risks of fraud and corruption requires that we are aware of all the external threats and also learn to solve the conundrum; how can we ensure that managers and employees protect the organization against outside threats and also themselves?

You will cover


- The factors that encourage or discourage fraud and corupton
- Effective risk identification and assessment
- Critical internal communication
- A proactive approach to detecting fraud and corruption early and whistleblowing

About the trainer


Nigel Iyer (BSc, MA, ACA) is a Partner in the Septia Group. Since obtaining his university degree in 1985 and qualifying as a UK Chartered Accountant, Nigel has worked passionately for over 20 years for the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and corruption. In recent years he has specialized in helping international and financial institutions develop strategies to ensure that Ethics and Integrity are fully integrated into the strategy from the top down. Together with Martin Samociuk and other colleagues, he has developed a unique fraud risk assessment methodology and also developed the Integrity Health Check, which detects the red flags of fraud and corruption and is used by many organizations to ensure ethical policies are on track. Nigel is the author/ co-author of four books Fraud Resistance (2003), Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Detection, “A Short Guide to Fraud Risk” (2010), published in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Management Novel “The Tightrope” (2011). He also teaches at a number of institutions and business schools. Nigel writes and develops films, dramas and interactive multimedia training, all aimed at raising the awareness and managing the risk of Fraud and Corruption. Nigel has a Masters in Screenwriting for Film and Television from the Royal Holloway College (London) and is member of The Screenwriters Company.


Event start date: 1. June, 2012
Event end date: 1. June, 2012
Place: qSTC Ljubljana
Price: 490 €*
Course Code: SGFC
Trainer: Nigel Iyer
Early Bird Registration: 1. May, 2012
Registration deadline: 5. November, 2012
* VAT is not included.

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