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Official Citrix NetScaler Training

Basic Administration for Citrix NetScaler 9.2

This course covers the initial configuration and administration of Citrix NetScaler 9.2. Learners gain an understanding of NetScaler features such as load balancing, SSL offload, classic and advanced expressions, content switching, and monitoring the NetScaler system. Interactive instructor-led discussion and hands-on labs and exercises guide learners through administrator tasks preparing them to manage Citrix NetScaler 9.2 deployments. Now with NetScaler 9.3! This course includes one hour of content on NetScaler 9.3 features, such as XenApp and XenDesktop enhancements, AppFlow and SDX platforms.

This course is intended for system administrators or network operations personnel who configure and
administer Citrix NetScaler products.

Before taking this course, Citrix recommends that learners have the following knowledge:
- Intermediate knowledge of TCP/IP and HTTP protocols and an understanding of the OSI model
- Experience with network devices, networking protocols and aspects of application and site architecture
- Moderate exposure to UNIX or Linux
- Exposure to basic systems administration concepts, including logging, software upgrade procedures and high availability operations
- Familiarity with web server software
- Knowledge of network security threats and site protection concepts


Event start date: 6. February, 2012
Event end date: 10. February, 2012
Place: qSTC Zagreb
Price: 2.490 €*
Course Code: CNS-203-3
Trainer: N/A
Early Bird Registration: 6. January, 2012
Registration deadline: 23. January, 2012
* VAT is not included.


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