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An expert from USA is coming to speak about his experiences working with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

19. - 20. October, 2011
Duration: 2 days
qSTC Zagreb
Price: 595,00 €*

Course description 
An expert from USA is coming to speak about his experiences working with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standard. This is your opportunity to hear how to make your PCI-DSS initiatives successful, effective, and cost-efficient.

The training will cover the framework of the PCI-DSS, and case study strategies of how to make compliance efforts effective, efficient, and sustainable.  This session will discuss issues such as “why compliance”, “who needs to comply”, “what do I need to do”, and “how much do I have to do”.  Strategies will be presented which can help control the scope and costs of achieving PCI-DSS compliance, and an introduction will be made to the importance of the subjects covered in the other parts of the training course.

The two day training session shall cover the subjects listed below:

- A Framework for Complying with the PCI-Data Security Standard

- Protecting Payment Card Data

- Techniques for PCI-DSS

- Secure Development for PCI-DSS

- Configuration Standards and Change Control for PCI-DSS

- User Access Controls for PCI-DSS

- Network Access Controls for PCI-DSS

- How to Implement Security Awareness for PCI-DSS

- Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

- Network and System Monitoring

- Incident Response Programs for PCI-DSS.


About the trainer

Daniel Blander has 22 years consulting on the Information Security and Risk Management, and has been working with financial and payment card security for over twelve years. He has led several international companies in the retail, airline, and banking industry through their PCI initiatives while keeping a clear focus on improving their effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Daniel Blander is Executive Director of the consulting firm Palsit, d.o.o, and CEO of InfoSecuityLab. He is a frequent lecturer on Information Security, Governance, and Awareness at conferences in the US, Europe, and Asia. Daniel’s work resulted in his nomination in 2008 as Information Security Executive of the Year for the West by the Executive Alliance.

Course Code: PCI DSS

Trainer: Daniel Blander

Early Bird Registration: 23.09.2011

Registration deadline: 13.10.2011

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Event start date: 19. October, 2011
Event end date: 20. October, 2011
Place: qSTC Zagreb
Course Code:
Early Bird Registration: 25. April, 2019
Registration deadline: 25. April, 2019
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