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Pano Logic’s mission is to replace PCs with purpose - built endpoints designed to radically centralize computing in the datacenter or cloud.

Top 10 Reasons for Using Pano System Zero Client Computing

1. Future Ready Cloud Architecture with Hypervisor Independence

Hypervisor-independence open reference architecture and OEM support ensures that the investment into Pano Logic is always ready for the latest technologies and platforms. Supports 99% of installed hypervisor platforms and their management systems with the same device!

The Pano Logic Zero Client Solution supports:
  • VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi, VMware View
  • Citrix XenDesktop, XenServer
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

2. Faster, Simpler Installation

Up and running in as little as an hour with a wizard-based installer, improves IT productivity, eliminating troubleshooting visits and end- user downtime.

3. The only one real Zero Client

Only true zero clients like Pano System Zero Clients contain management overhead and security risks by eliminating:
  • No Processor (CPU) or Software – no place for Malware to Attack
  • No Persistent Memory (e.g. Disk or RAM) – no Risk of Data Leakage
  • No Software/Firmware Patching – no client OS, or Firmware to patch
  • No Peripheral Incompatibility – no client Drivers, just native Windows

4. 100 % Endpoint Security

  • 100 % Data leakage prevention (No data stored on the device)
  • No endpoint security breaches (No Malware possible on endpoint, keyboard and mouse traffic AES-128 encrypted)
  • Helps with Regulatory Compliance (e.g. HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • Pano Remote access security (Pano Remote keys serialized to secure access)

5. Performance – Resource Efficiency

Pano required fewer IOPS vs. PC/TCs. Pano had the lowest memory consumption and the lowest average CPU utilization

6. Performance – Office Productivity

Pano Logic Zero Client solution need 50% less time to perform everyday tasks vs. thin clients .That`s  5-20 minutes per day increase in productivity.

7. Access from Anywhere – Pano Remote

Pano Remote lets you expand the reach of your Pano System virtual desktops to users anywhere, while not compromising on the security or user experience.
  • Works on any Windows computer with no install, leaving no trace
  • Provides secure remote access across the Internet without VPNs
  • Control access to local printers and clipboard from virtual desktop
  • Cost effective and simple way to extend the Pano deployment
  • Leverages standard secure protocols including RDP via HTTPS

8. Radical Centralization Delivers Benefits of VDI

  • Move all of the software and processing into the datacenter to maximize the benefits of VDI
  • Deliver everything required to virtualize desktops and plug into any hypervisor infrastructure
  • No Management at the desk necessary!

9. Lower TCO up to 80+%

Pano Logic solves the TCO problems created by PC/TCs by moving 100% of endpoint management to the Data Center.

Gartner* estimated that the costs of fixing and maintaining  typical unmanaged desktop PCs  accounted for over 55% of their annual TCO or $2,933 per year, per device.

10. Green & Hardy - Reduce Energy Consumption up to 97%

  • Less waste (8-10 year vs. 3-5 year PC lifecycle)
  • 97 % less energy than a PC! (6,5 Watts -0,2 Watt power consumption)
  • Withstands harsh environments
    • Small footprint 3x3, weighted for strength
    • No Moving Parts  or Fans
    • Can withstand 50° Celsius
    • No air conditioning requirements



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