19.01.2012, 12:00
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New! Get Award Winning Data Protection Plus Free Monitoring - PHD Virtual Bundle

Bundle includes PHD Virtual Backup and Replication and a Free Edition of PHD Virtual Monitor. For the same standard price of PHD Virtual Backup, you can get a complete solution to your VMware and XenServer virtual environments.

21.11.2011, 03:46
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Top 10 Reasons for Using Pano System Zero Client Computing

Pano Logic’s mission is to replace PCs with purpose - built endpoints designed to radically centralize computing in the datacenter or cloud.

02.12.2010, 09:46
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IronKey Personal S200 8 GB

IronKey 8GB Personal is the world's most secure USB flash drive. Designed specifically for the needs of sensitive military, government and enterprise networks, it is extremely easy to deploy and use.

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