Article submitted by: Neda Rosič | Publish date: 10. February, 2012
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We have organized an event PAN 200, where we introduced the newest and the smallest Palo Alto Network firewall solution, model PA-200. There were gathered 57 Palo Alto partners and other Palo Alto enthusiasts.

Opening presentation of new Palo Alto Networks model PA-200

On 24th of January 2012 we organized the event “Official launch of new Palo Alto Network firewall PA-200«, which was held in Zagreb. We assembled Palo Alto Networks partners and other attendants and introduced them the newest and smallest Palo Alto firewall unit PA-200, which performance and price are very suitable for small environments.


Main speaker of the event was mister Vanneuville IDES - Palo Alto Networks Fri. Director Systems Engineering EMEA. He talked about today’s biggest network challenges, which demand the use of so called Next generation Firewalls and represented Palo Alto solutions, which are part of these firewalls. The most interesting part of the event was representation of new architecture, called WildFire, which allows to detect and remediate unknown and targeted malware (and is part off Palo Alto firewalls) and of course the new PAN-200 model.


Next up was Petar Brgan from Itipo d.o.o., who talked about Vyatta software and appliances, which offer users a platform independent alternative to proprietary, hardware-based, routers, firewalls, etc. The event was concluded with informal socializing with finger food and drinks.



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