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On December 14th company CHS d.o.o. successfully hosted seminar on Open and Secure Cloud Computing, which was held in Tehnološki park in Ljubljana. This unique occasion assembled more than 60 attendants.

OpenStack main attraction at seminar “Open and safe in the cloud” in Ljubljana, Slovenia

On December 14th company CHS d.o.o. hosted seminar on Open and Secure Cloud Computing, which was held in Tehnološki park in Ljubljana.  This unique occasion assembled 49 attendants from academic and government representatives to small businesses and additional 17 students.  Participants were eager to get to know leading IT trends in building own cloud environments with emphasis on open-source IaaS solution OpenStack. Crowd of participants started to gather from 9.30. a.m. and we began shortly after.


We were very honored to host our distinguished guest and OpenStack Community Manager, mister Stefano Maffulli, who gave an opening lecture about OpenStack. The lecture was a great hit  and excited participents gave mister Maffulli numerous questions on the topic.  Next up was Robert Dukarić, a member of first Slovenian Center for Cloud Computing, who presented Open Source IaaS solutions and gave a practical demonstration of OpenStack framework. Andrej Pančur, member of Laboratory for Computer Communications at the Ljubljana Faculty of Computer and Information Science talked in depth about security in the cloud and about new paradigm called "Security as a Service", following Primož Cigoj, representative of Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks (E5) at Institut “Jožef Štefan“, who gave an overview of security in OpenStack.


After the first part of the seminar we had a break and the opportunity for participants to continue conversation regarding OpenStack experience aroused by itself. The vivid and pleasant talk was done while enjoying coffee and delicious croissants and after the short break the seminar continued. 


Dalibor Baškovč was next, talking about KC Class and Ivan Tomašič and Aleksandra Rashkovska, colleges from the Institute “Jožef Štefan“, from department of Communication Systems, gave an insight of storing data in OpenStack. Next was once again Andrej Pančur, who talked together with his college Andrej Krevl about affordable and available tools for building high-performance data storage systems, based on ZFS and Nexenta solutions. Last up was Aleš Justin of RedHat, who gave his experience with developing clouds with application server Jboss.


Event came to an end but there was one more surprise for the participants who seemed to have really great time talking with lecturers at the end of seminar. In the spirit of upcoming holidays we offered warm buffet for everyone and the unofficial part of the seminar continued by the delicious wine. Experiences were shared and we concluded the event with the promise of future meetings to come, where gained knowledge from the seminar will be continued.



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