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10.05.2012, 03:57
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Citrix acquires XenClient competitor Virtual Computer

Neither Citrix Systems, Inc. nor Virtual Computer have disclosed the acquisition, which sources close to the matter said will be announced by Citrix at its Synergy conference in San Francisco this week.

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09.02.2012, 12:46
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Complimentary IDC Report ($3,500 Value)

This new report by IDC profiles Intelligent Desktop Virtualization with Virtual Computer – a great piece to use with your customers to demonstrate strong credibility for both Virtual Computer and the IDV Market.

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24.11.2011, 09:57
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Virtual Computer's NxTop Creates More Potent Virtual Desktops Than VDI

Virtual Computer is trying to make desktop virtualization easy by having centralized management with distributed execution so you can deploy hundreds if not thousands of VMs.

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29.09.2011, 01:57
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Virtual Computer NxTop 4 - Client-hosted VDI

Virtual Computer Turns VDI on its head with NxTop 4, a desktop virtualization solution that offers both centralized and distributed storage options for virtual machines while still utilizing the enormous computing power at the PC end-point.

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05.10.2011, 11:07

"Next_ITrend_2011" roadshow event

Check out this year "Next_ITrend_2011" roadshow events in Ljubljana (12.10.2011), Zagreb (13.10.2011) and Beograd (14.10.2011).

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